Talks and Workshops

Bring sustainability to your office with these simple but informative and engaging talks and workshops.

Tipsy with Sustainability 

Enjoy after-hours drinks and make some delicious cocktails while you learn how you can help reforest indigenous ancestral lands by saving seeds!

Each cocktail will be inspired by Filipino flavors made with local fresh fruits. Seeds from the fruits will be donated and planted in the farms of our partner indigenous tribes around the Philippines. 



Beat the heat, celebrate local, and make a difference — all while getting a little healthier! Learn how to make delicious smoothies with local fruits in season and how to save these seeds.

Seeds collected from Shakedown & Tipsy are donated to Seed Nation, a table-to-farm movement that brings fruit and vegetable seeds that we would otherwise throw away in the city and bring them to countryside farming communities.

Zero-waste Workshop 

Get to know simple and effective ways to reduce single-use plastic waste in your workplace. Learn how to turn them into eco-bricks and discover single-use plastic alternatives for a more eco-friendly office space.

Find flow in the Madness

It is easy to get caught up in our day-to-day activities that we simply forget to pause, reflect and be in the moment. Let us help you find a bit of stillness with our in-office yoga workshop. This workshop will cultivate mindfulness through breathing techniques, body awareness and alignment.

Mindfulness creates grounded employees, allowing a more meaningful and authentic connection – the foundations of a healthy workplace.

Whether you are a beginner or have previous yoga experience, you will feel at ease as this workshop is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.

What we need from you: an office space, an open mind and a yoga mat!

What’s in it for your company? 


You get to help indigenous communities reforest their lands and develop sustainable livelihoods.

Low Cost Solutions

There’s close to zero cost for you to implement these solutions while there’s a maximum return for the communities.

Sustainable Responsibility

It makes a fresh and sustainable CSR initiative with measurable social and environmental impact. 

Make a difference today.

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