Outings That Matter

Join us on out of town adventures to plant trees, meet local communities, and strengthen team dynamics. We can customize each trip to meet your specific goals and make your experience as fun and productive as you’d like.


Venture off the beaten track

Go on a unique and authentic journey to appreciate the deep traditions and the inspiring stories of the Aetas.

Discover the culture of the Aetas of Yangil Village

Trek through volcanic ash and learn the tribe’s culture through food, dance, music, archery, and herbal medicine.

Help rebuild a 3,000-hectare Rainforest

Rebuild a rainforest for food security, sustainable livelihoods, climate change protection, and culture preservation.



Explore a secret rainforest

Join us as we explore this lush land and seek to understand the stories that begin in its roots and blow in its winds.

Share local stories and traditions

Hear the Pastolan tribe’s stories as you hike through their beautiful land.

Help preserve culture and build livelihoods

Immerse in the past and help plant trees in the tribe’s own fruit forest


Sunrise Hike to Malvar’s Peak

Beat the sun for a sunrise view of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

Storytelling with the Dumagats

Sing songs, share stories, and plant trees with the Dumagat tribe.

Rest and Unwind

Enjoy Mount Purro Nature Reserve’s peaceful and restorative environment.

Make a difference today.

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